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100% of all advertising revenue is currently paid to your school

The UK’s only fundraising business directory

Allowing parents to advertise their businesses to fellow parents

We are currently sending 0% of all advertising revenue direct to the school of your choice

Register a school

  • Receive up to 100% of all advertising spend from local businesses
  • 100 businesses who choose to fund your school pays up to £30000 per annum
  • Easy set up with no cost or liability to a school
  • Engage with parents using the school toolkit available to you after you’ve signed up
  • The more businesses that sign up the more income a school receives
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List your business

  • Generate new business by listing on and benefit from a new national online business directory
  • Choose a school of your choice to fund and help schools thrive and provide an outstanding future for young people
  • Tuvello will pay up to 100% of all your advertising spend direct to a school
  • Gain exposure to thousands of parents looking for local services
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Find the businesses supporting your school

By using to find local services you are contributing to the additional funding of your local schools, doesn’t that make you feel good!

Why sign up to Tuvello

Registering a school
Listing a business

Receive up to 100% of all advertising spend

Working with schools and SMEs across the UK, is the first UK business that helps generate new business for SMEs whilst raising much needed funds for schools! Our online business directory gives the power to parents who are business owners giving them a new way to advertise their own products and services whilst funding a school of their choice! Tuvello pays up to 100% of the advertising fee direct to a school every month! If 100 UK businesses use Tuvello as a way to generate more business then a school will receive £30000 per year. That increases significantly if more businesses use


Easy set up with no liability to the school

It’s so easy to register and create a school account with Tuvello so UK businesses can start supporting the school. You register a school using the links (please amend if not correct) on our home page and follow 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – Create an account

Step 2 – Claim your school from our easy to use school register

Step 3 – Personalise your school page by telling us about your school and what your funding goals are.

Our T&Cs have been created to give schools all the protection you need as a school. All you need to do is think about how to use the additional funds you’ll start receiving from UK businesses.


Engage with parents using the school toolkit

We’ve created a school toolkit to help you engage with parents – you’ll get access to this once you’ve registered your school. We recognise it takes take time and effort to raise addition funds to supplement school income with activities taking weeks or months of planning. Engaging with Tuvello changes the way you need to think about how additional funding can be achieved giving you more time to spend on other key priorities. The toolkit includes logos and other supporting material to help you promote Tuvello in all the school literature – you can also add Tuvello branding to your website and social media accounts. To make it even easier we have created letter templates for you so you can send directly to the parents. The more you engage with the more income you’ll receive..